Canal Boat Holiday Routes

Routes Map

Here we give you a flavour of the most popular routes available but, with a few restraints, you are free to travel whichever direction you please from your chosen start base and can holiday for a weekend, a week or longer.

As a rough calculation when planning a route, add the number of locks to the distance in miles and divide the total by 3 to give cruising time in hours.

Route 1The Heart of England

Route 2Potteries and Peak District

Route 3Shakespeare Country, Warwickshire & the Chilterns

Route 4Pennines, Chester & Yorkshire

Route 5Wales & the Marches

Route 6Wessex and the Cotswolds

Route 7Scotland, the Falkirk Wheel, Edinburgh & Glasgow

Regional Hightlights

Worcester Cathedral
Churnet Valley Railway
The Falkirk Wheel